Okay, I’ll admit it: I was one of the millions of guys out there who insisted that the TV got turned off after the Superbowl on Sunday instead of watching the "very special" episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s true.

Then I found this clip: The girls of Grey’s Anatomy showering together during some sort of fantasy sequence. I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

I had no idea this show was so… awesome! I mean, I always thought it was a chick show about chick doctors dealing with chick problems. I never would have imagined it involved girl-on-girl showering. So my question to you, Grey’s fans out there: does this happen all the time? Do I have to start watching? Be honest, because if I tune in next week and whole thing is, "Wahhh, I don’t know if the guy from Can’t Buy Me Love likes me or not, wahhh," and there’s no soap-scrubbing action, I’m going to be very angry that you lied to me.

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