GOOGLE SEARCH: Survivor’s Shane Powers



After last night’s episode of Survivor, I have developed my first ever Reality crush. Shane Powers, is a 30-something father, with cool tattoos, a job as a Marketing Executive and an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Lee. He’s also got a bit of a temper. Last night Powers, who quit his 3 pack a day habit when he arrived in Panama, spent the entire episode jonesing for a cigarette and cursing the day he ever agreed to do the show. In fact he asked his teammates to vote him off.

I was smitten by his candor and his seeming apathy towards screen time. So I decided to do a quickie Google search to find out more about his job as a makerter. You may already know this, but it seems that he’s been working overtime. Check out Powers’ resume after the jump:

  • First there’s the website
  • Then there’s the TV show, about a cop-cum-Scorpion who wanders the night in search of danger
  • And my personal favorite, the movie:  2003’s Luster is a indie romantic comedy about gay orgiastic sex. But it ain’t winning any Oscars.

So that’s what Marketing Executives do.

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