Paris Hilton: J’accuse



According to this, if you want Paris Hilton to attend your event, you better get a jacuzzi:

Paris Hilton reportedly threatened to pull out of the Brits unless she had a Jacuzzi in her dressing room. The sexy socialite, who is supposed to be reporting from the red carpet at the awards bash later this month, was allegedly ready to boycott the show if she didn’t get the special bath.

An insider told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper the 24-year-old, who
is thought to be pocketing £100,000 for the show, was shocked she
wouldn’t have a few "home comforts". The source said: "Paris is used to
a little bit of luxury and couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t have a
few home comforts in her dressing room. She was expecting a Jacuzzi, or
at least a bath or shower and a nice comfy settee or sofa."

Poor Paris. All she wants to do is get clean, while everyone else wants to drag her through the mud. (Thanks to Goldenfiddle!)

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