Cookie Monster: More Metal Than You


Cookie_monsterTake a good look at the picture to the left people. THIS is the face of heavy metal.

Cookie Monster. To some, Mr. Monster is just a loveable muppet who resides on Sesame Street and enjoys indulging in the occasional cookie or 3. To others, he’s a heavy metal inspiration. The voice of a generation. A furry blue, balls-out, hard-rocking, unapologetic, barely-understandable touchstone that has influenced heavy-metal singers since the 1980’s. Don’t believe me? Hey, it was in the Wall Street Journal’s Op/Ed section this month, it must be true.

Death-metal vocalizing is also
known as Cookie Monster singing, if not in tribute to, at least in
acknowledgment of, the "Sesame Street" puppet that blurts in a guttural
growl, his words discharged so rapidly that they tend to collide with
each other. (keep reading here)

So if you’re one of those people who had trouble taking heavy-metal seriously before, I’m sorry, but now it’s going to be damn near impossible. You’re not going to be able to listen to Motorhead without thinking about how many cookies Lemmy ate on his way to the studio. If anything, this just proves what I’ve been saying for ages: The Muppets are the most influential musical artists ever. Don’t even get me started on the Animal-inspired school of drumming. Animal play! Yayayayayaya!!!!

Special thanks to Product Shop NYC for brightening up my not-so-heavy-metal Monday with this story.

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