LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • I’m a suedehead, I’ll admit. But I’m not sure what to make of this Suedehead ‘sparks’ remix from underground express. Anything fueled by smart-tart flavored booze ain’t made for me and the Moz. But it’s worth a listen.
  • Joanna by Peasant is a sweet lil ditty hosted by saidthegramaphone that involves lots of soft knee slapping and maraca shaking.  it’s tenderly mix-tape-worthy if you’re feeling sentimental.
  • Here’s what I love about Bishop Allen: their internet roots. Remember, that awesome home for death, personality and purity tests? Bandmate Christian Rudder is using his Barnes and Noble buyout money to tour with this lovable, airy band who sound like the musical version of that cheeky pre-blogging site. Turn up Things are What You Make of Them.
  • I love The Clash. Thanks comboplates for this softly ska-punk Wrong Em Boyo
  • Roots Reggae rocks and so does Jamaican born John Holt. Check out Riding For a Fall at diddywah
  • This rendition of Blondie’s CALL ME will send shivers down yer timbers. Collin Couvillion turns this frothy 70’s pop song into a haunting stalker’s anthem.
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