While You Were Sleeping With Your Eyes Open



  • After years and years of late night monologue jokes, Calista Flockhart finally eats a sandwich (or forty).
  • The trailer for Will Ferrell’s new NASCAR-themed movie Talladega Nights has hit the Internets.  As excited as you think you are, your enthusiasm is no match for the financial horniness of Sony Pictures, who can hardly contain their desire to roll around in all the money this movie is going to make them.
  • Could Bandidas be the way newer, way spicier, WAY BETTER Brokeback Mountain?
  • Could someone tell the Germans to stop being so German?
  • ‘Jaws’ author Peter Benchley has passed away, and Hollywood is already preparing to defile his legacy with a completely unnecessary re-make.
  • Jessica Simpson cheesy bites game soundboard Pizza Hut thing.  I have no idea.
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