An Intervention: I’m Worried About Kelly Clarkson



It’s been inspiring to see Kelly Clarkson‘s rise from wannabe to Grammy-award winning pop superstar. But recently, there are some disturbing signs that she is turning the corner into some unfortunate territory: Divaville. Here’s why I’m worried:

  • She just sold her old house, which was a modest little number in Mansfield, Texas. It’s fine that she’s selling her house, but watch out if she ends up in a Hollywood mansion with a pool shaped like a microphone.
  • She broke up with her boyfriend, Graham Colton, reportedly due to their "busy schedules." Once again, this is okay. But she needs to be careful that she doesn’t end up with a Hollywood boyfriend or worse, be caught making out with Colin Farrell.
  • Finally, there is the American Idol double whammy: She didn’t want to let AI use her music on their show and she didn’t thank the show when she won the Grammy. Okay, maybe she wants to make a break from the show, but she has to at least acknowledge its role in making her famous. OF course, she’s free to say mean things about Simon.

Kelly, we love you because you’re one of us. Please don’t become one of them.

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