Celebrity Secrets Revealed



TMZ has a list of some things that photographers have witnessed but are too classy to capture with their cameras. A partial list:

  • Britney Spears has gone into the bathroom at a Mobil Gas Station three times — each time she was barefoot. Are they trying to imply that a gas-station floor is dirty?

  • Lindsay Lohan was caught picking her nose for several minutes straight. Who says she’s not eating enough?
  • Pam Anderson bakes casseroles for her kid’s classmates. She’s an awesome mom, picking
    her kids up everyday and, much to their chagrin, kissing them in public. They might just be a little bit of afraid of her lips.
  • Mel Gibson plays cat and mouse games with paparazzi, hiding behind cars and startling them. Why are they always trying to crucify Mel?
  • Madonna often rides her bike in the exact
    same clothing, minimizing the number of photos the paparazzi can sell. Yeah, that’s the reason!
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