Did Katie Call It Quits?



It’s no surprise that Tom and Katie didn’t last. But what may throw you for a loop is who ended it. While Tom kept is baby-mama in a comatose state of obedience, judging from last month’s series of events I think it was Katie who put an end to this much-maligned relationship.

Lets take a look at what might have happened:

First in January there were pre-nup issues when Katie’s dad wouldn’t let her sign anything. Of course Tom wouldn’t marry the very pregnant former-catholic and perhaps she felt she wouldn’t be compensated for her valiant efforts.

Then in early February, Tom told the press he wouldn’t let Katie make any more movies as she’d be locked up in an undisclosed location. This may be when Katie saw those Oscar-winning/Nicole Kidman promises flushed down the crapper.

But the nail in the coffin was the February 11th report that Tom was ‘rocking out’ at a Kanye West concert, when he excitedly cheered at the rapper’s mention of a prenup. While it’s still unclear whether she was more turned off by the prenup gesture or the realization that she might as well be at a concert with her very uncool dad,  one thing was clear: Katie was finito.

Finally, it was reported today that Tom’s suing some writer over a tell-all gay-expose. Knowing that Tom and his lawyers would devote all their time and energy to combat the notion of his gay-i-tude, Katie decided it was time to make her move. So she ran, she ran so far away and she never looked back. Well she looked back to see if she’d get a house or something out of the whole baby thing.

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