Google Search: The Bachelor’s Moana Dixon



After last night’s thrilling 2 hour episode,  it’s down to two lucky ladies vying for the heart and the manly meatiness of Travis Stork. Now it’s a toss up between kindergarten teacher Sarah Stone and LA hispter Moana Dixon. While Stork and Stone share as much chemistry as a 6 year-old and a bowl of fiber-enriched nutri-grain cereal , Moana seems poised to take the (beef)cake. But after a quick google search and the discovery of Moana’s My Space page, we now think otherwise.  After the jump, we investigate Moana’s page for signs of heartbreak.

  • First off this tenacious warrior of life’  who lists her status as ‘single’  is looking for someone who has "touched the center of his own sorrow". My sense is Travis ain’t that guy.
  • Plus in the comments section, someone named Aaron  wrote on 2/13 "You should convince Nick to bring you to the wedding. It is going to be a blast!! I promise to shed some happiness… " Nick? who’s that? could it be a rebound guy invited last minute to a wedding. Sounds like a post-heartbreak cheer-up gesture to me.
  • Also check out this picture posted in December where she looks like she’s out on a date. Could this be the now infamous ‘Nick’?
  • Plus in one riveting blog entry on Nov. 23rd she quotes Jeff Buckley: "Well maybe I’m just too young. To keep good love from going wrong." Perhaps, or it could be that you looked for love on a TV show.

If you’re not convinced by now that Moana got dumped,  then you’re probably thinking about how  Best Week Ever has too much time on its hands.

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