Hooray for Vajayjay Day!!



Happy Vagina Monologues Day!! In the past few years, the provocative play has been staged at college campuses, old folks homes and dinner theaters across the country in an effort to make women comfortable with their hoohas.  But more importantly, it’s allowed local reporters to write the innocently crass headlines we have grown to love. Here are 2006’s top three headlines about the Vagina Monologues from around the country.

3. Taking a Crack at the Vagina : This is from a local paper in Alberta Canada. The clever reporter made sure the oft neglected backside wasn’t left out of this V-day celebration. The only thing that could have made this headline better was a negative review (it stinks!)

2. Vagina Warriors Conquer Monologues: This Cal State Polytechnic newsletter takes the ferociously feminst approach, depiting the show as a battle between woman and monlogue. Sure woman beats monologue but doesn’t beat packed screening of The Wedding Singer playing across the hall.

1. Old Vagina Finds Good Body: I have no idea what this means which makes it the best headline ever. Ohio State University’s "student voice" publication apparently finds the play dated or perhaps the performance just isn’t tight enough.

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