LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Nine Black Alp’s "Behind Your Eyes" reminds me of a smoother Love Spit Love(remember them?) Anyhow this angsty riff sure is purdy. (thanks stereogum)
  • Soul Sides just made my day with 1970’s soul spliff Backed Up Against the Wall by Steve Parks.
  • Sexy beast Jack White has a new band-The Racontuers- and a new kick ass website circa 1981. Click on media and then type  ‘2’ to listen to Store Bought Bones. It’s almost as hard as directing the turtle (anyone?).
  • If "Burmese garage rock and Southeast Asian insect electronica" is your thing, take a gander at Choubi Choubi courtesy of tenthousand
  • Oh crap, I think i just ‘John Henry’ed in my ears after I listened to this sick Billy Preston song. Earfuzz is not f-ing around with this soulful supergroove.
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