While You Were Stepping in Slush



  • VH1 will introduce a new show called Surreal Life Fame Games, which involves Surreal Life Alums competing for fame and fortune rent money.
  • The Incredible Hulk is back to fighting crime, when he’s not guest starring on the King of Queens
  • Destiny’s lesser-loved children Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland are planning to take over the music industry… with recurring roles in two UPN sitcoms.
  • It’s not that Andrew Morton’s upcoming Tom Cruise tell-all biography accuses the star of being gay. It’s that it’s glib.
  • Paul Walker says ‘take my wife.’ Give her pleasure.
  • Paris Hilton refusing to strip for Playboy makes her eligible to play Mother Teresa. I’m not kidding.
  • Madonna may leave Britain to escape rumors of a busted marriage. Guy Ritchie encourages her choice but plans to stay.
  • Mel Gibson is building a church in Pennsylvania. Poised to bring conservative, religious fervor to the Amish.
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