While You Were Watching the Clock



You spent the day working, we spent the day working for you! So here’s our summary of everything that happened today in the world of pop culture:

  • Alex is worried what the breakup of TomKat will do for the universe.
  • Bob gave you all the highlights from the international competition everyone’s talking about: the Westminster Dog Show. And other stuff, too.
  • Can you tell what happened on the Bachelor at MySpace? Piper says yes!
  • Photographers don’t take pictures of everything, but they’ll tell you about anything.
  • "V" is for Vajayjay.
  • Isaac Mizrahi has designed the costumes for a revival of Barefoot in the Park. Especially the panties.
  • An episode of Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen faking epilepsy has epileptics angry. They wanted Ducky to be the one with epilepsy.
  • March 21 has been set as the release date for LL Cool J’s album, "Todd Smith." Ladies love cool Todd.
  • Leo DiCaprio to play Teddy Roosevelt? It’s no bull(moose).
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