While Your Were Having Your Mind Blown By a Scientologist



  • Could TomKat – and the natural order of the universe as we know it – really be over???
  • Pink will never get divorced, Joel Madden will never cheat on Hillary Duff, and Madonna’s marriage to Guy Richie is "rock solid".  Happy Valentine’s Delusion Day, everybody!
  • Whitney Houston is scheduled to perform at the Winter Olympics in ItalyBobby Brown is scheduled to smoke some crack and ruin the whole thing.
  • Shannen Doherty got into another car wreck, this time with something other than her career choices.
  • Jessica Simpson and Maroon 5 douchebag frontman Adam Levine are "officially dating".  Apparently "officially dating" is what you have to say to keep having casual, frivolous sex with Jessica Simpson in your Beverly Hills Hotel room.
  • If Pluto Nash just wasn’t enough "Eddie Murphy in outer space" for you, Fox has greenlit some movie called "Starship Dave" nobody will see sometime next year.
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