Commentary: MTV’s Fat Camp



If anyone managed to catch MTV’s Fat Camp, a reality show that takes place over a summer at a Poconos weight loss camp, you may have noticed it’s hard to be fat and in high school.  But it’s even harder when you have a camera following you around when you’re getting undressed.

In last night’s MTV special, the directors and producers got a little too documentary-style when it came to profiling these obese kids. They featured lots of unflattering bathing suit shots, followed one heavy-set girl around while she was buck naked and employed the Celebrity Fit Club method of weight loss display, dressing the kids in skivvies to reveal their bulging bodies before and after. All in all, pretty much a fat high school kid’s worst nightmare.

While the show taught me that fat kids have the same problems as skinny kids (except they’re also fat), it seems that these kids now have another problem: the whole world has seen them half-naked. MTV just may have guaranteed these kids a year’s worth of painful, public wedgies.

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