Scott Stapp’s Master Plan



Yes this has been a bad week for Scott Stapp, lead singer of the Christian rock band Creed. Between his recent drunken airport arrest and his Kid Rock sex tape floating around, one would think the god-fearing musician had abandoned his religious ferver. But I beg to differ.  I think his self-sabotage is all part of a larger agenda.

Historically, when rock stars like Keith Richards or even Jim Morrison overindulge, there are long periods of addiction and depression. Scott Stapp, on the other hand, has been drunk, married, a threat to airport security , and involved in a homoerotic videotape with Kid Rock in the past week alone. It’s as if a few out-of-touch record execs got together to create Stapp’s rock n’ roll downfall.

The reason? So that he can be saved. What better way to sell the Christian rocker’s new solo album than with booze, sex and salvation? The only thing left to do is the Rolling Stone interview where Stapp reveals that at one point he was "looking down the barrel of a gun." We just hope he addresses looking down the barrel of Kid Rock too.

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