Donald Trump Plays the Blame Game



Donald Trump says that Martha Stewart should "take responsibility" for the failure of The Apprentice. Well, as the old saying goes, when you point the finger, you have three fingers pointing back at you. With that in mind I decided to look back at Donald Trump’s history of accepting responsibility for his failures. Let’s see how he did:

  • "Trump Blames Martha Stewart for Ratings Slide"
  • "Donald Trump blames Joey for Apprentice‘s slip in ratings."
  • When Trump didn’t hire both Randall Pinkett and Rebecca Jarvis on The Apprentice, he blamed it on Pinkett.

But it’s not just failure in TV that isn’t his fault. It goes for business too:


  • "While [Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts] is solvent for now, Trump says it may not be for much longer. For this Trump blames Osama bin Laden, even though on Sept. 10, the share price was already below $2."

And he’s not the only Trump who can’t take responsibility:

  • "Bianca Trump blames Jim South and Mark Carriere for pushing her into getting a breast job that has backfired on her."

Okay, I don’t think she’s really related to Donald Trump, but I’m still going to blame him. Serves him right, I say.

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