The Big OH! (and we don’t mean Sandra)



I know that wacky and unbelievable medical phenomenons are a trademark of Grey’s Anatomy. But last night’s episode which featured a teenage girl with uncontrollable orgasms was a hard pill to swallow. We’ve accepted bellies stuffed with bombs and pregnant men, but had the "Grey Matter" writers gone too far? Especially when they made us feel bad for her? But as it turns out, they weren’t lying:

It’s been documented that "A British 44-year-old woman was prone to repeated and uncontrollable orgasms every two weeks over three years.  "They were neither pleasurable nor satisfying and often came on at the wheel of a car," the doctors wrote in the Lancet medical journal.  "Sexual seizures are rare and, owing to their nature, may be presented to physicians late," wrote Dr Robert Will and Dr Paul Reading of Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital."

Nope, still don’t feel bad for her.

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