While You Were Having a Slow Celebrity News Day


  • Kevin Federline says he’s ready for the backlash his forthcoming rap album will inevitably cause.  Meanwhile, critics, bloggers and comedians across the country are still getting all lubed up. Olsens_3
  • Cameron Diaz was almost maimed by a bird that flew threw the windshield of her limo.  Those paparazzi sure are getting creative!
  • According to his brother, R. Kelly can add "wife-beating bisexual" to his already impressive resume of "sex-addicted pedophile scatalogical weirdo". 
  • Page Six says that rap mogul Damon Dash taught a frightening lesson to some neighborhood bullies that stole his son’s cell phone.  In other news, Suge Knight gunned down a fourth-grader for cutting in front of his son in the lunch line.
  • The Olsen Twins are going from BoHo to "BoHoly shit, what are you doing?"
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