While You Were Ingoring Your Co-Worker Who Always Quotes “Office Space”


  • There’s apparently a new Paris Hilton sex tape floating around, this time with another woman.  I think it should be called "A Night In Paris 2: Lesbian Boogaloo".Paris_sex_tape
  • Golden Girls star Betty White was honored yesterday by the LA Zoo for her commitment to animals.  Meanwhile, Bea Arthur is still just a total party animal. 
  • The Bosh proposes a very disturbing question: if Kate Moss is pregnant, could Jack Osborne be the father?  For the sake of humanity, we hope not.
  • According to Page Six (seventh item), ABC producers prohibited Dancing With the Stars personality Drew Lachey from appearing on MadTV because they "weren’t thrilled with anyone on the show appearing in a parody of any  sort".  Dancing With the Stars is serious television, people. 
  • Jon Stewart is getting prepared for his big gig hosting this year’s Oscars.  Early reports are suggesting that Stewart’s witty Bush-bashing combined with a night of self-congratulatory award-whoring might result in severe back injuries among the Liberal Hollywood Elite from patting themselves so hard. 
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