While You Were Thinking About Making Chicken For Dinner



  • George Clooney has dropped Teri Hatcher whom he was linked to the SAG awards in favor of Renee Zellwegger who spent the evening with him at the Bafta awards. Well, he’s got to take home something.
  • Would you recognize Axl Rose if you saw him an airport? Or would you mistake him for a regular at the airport bar?
  • Would you recognize Britney Spears if you saw her on a beach? Or would mistake her for your Great Aunt Rose?
  • Nobody wants this $365 million? Ok, then let me just get rid of it for you.
  • Gross Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo is holding a bomb and this one might blow up in her face.
  • Some dude rips off our blog. We catch him and publicly flog him.
  • Tom Cruise loves to sue the pants off people. Anything to get their pants off.
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