24– The Movie


There have been whispers of a 24 movie for quite some time now. But today, Moviehole has some gossip that could indicate it’s a done deal.

Kiefer has inked a 3 movie deal for a series of ’24’ movies at Fox. Yep, three. Chances are, you’ll see the first one going before-the-cameras as early as ’07. [continue reading]

Yes! I can’t wait.

Of course, now comes the question: do they do it in real time and call it 100 Minutes (plus credits) or do they stick with the 24-hour theme? Or do they abandon it completely and produce some sort of epic action movie that spans weeks– if not months. Gah! This is making my head hurt. All I know is that whatever they decide to do, I’ll be there opening night. It’s what Jack Bauer would want.

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