LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • Bill_murray
    Indie For Dummies has a handful of tracks from The Indelicates, a band that may have two of the best song titles ever: "Waiting for Pete Doherty to Die" and "We Hate Kids." I like these guys.
  • Speaking of bands who name songs after famous people, here’s Gorillaz with the song "Bill Murray." Thank you Pop Tart.
  • My Ex-Bestfriend has posted some Coldplay covers that you may not have heard- give a listen to "Georgia On My Mind" and "Here Comes The Sun."
  • Rbally posted an entire Shins concert straight outta Germany. I’m not usually a fan of concert tracks, but I can make an exception for The Shins.
  • While you’re in a Garden State-of mind, head on over to Two and 1/2 Pounds of Bacon to download a great Iron & Wine track ("The Trapeze Singer"), as well as other songs that are good for dreaming.
  • And finally, See You in the Pit has listed some Nada Surf tracks for your enjoyment. Download more than just "Popular." Seriously. You won’t be disappointed.