While You Were Buying Your Tickets For “Eight Below”



  • Nicole Richie and DJ AM may be back together... thanks to the Diet Dr. Pepper she used to make him jealous.
  • K-Fed would never cheat on Britney, but he might get confused and forget which one Britney is.   
  • Ashlee Simpson loves sick kids. They have mixed feelings about her.
  • Jake is the godfather of Heath’s baby. And maybe the mother too.
  • Tyra Banks will don latex, a wig and contact lenses in order to crash a strip club on a March 1st episode of her show. Somebody tell her women are allowed in strip clubs.
  • Angelina Jolie has JC Penny written all over her.
  • The combined star power of Carrot Top and Stephen Segal is blinding.
  • We had the best night ever. You shoulda been there.
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