While You Were Threatening to Issue a Presidential Veto


  • Lindsay_lohan_3
    Lindsay Lohan
    says she doesn’t want to be called a "teen queen." Coincidentally, neither does Aaron Carter. 
  • Pete Doherty has been photographed smoking crack just two short weeks after vowing to never do drugs again. This officially makes him the first drug addict in history to ever relapse. Bastard.
  • Britney Spears claims her singing voice is better ever since having a baby. America agrees that it’s cute Britney thinks we’ve ever cared about her voice.
  • Hugh Grant reportedly attacked a photographer with a manila folder. Hugh Grant: even his weapons of choice are wussy.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may be ready to adopt. Fertility experts assume it’s because of Marc’s inability to deliver a decent Latin Explosion.
  • Donald Trump rips Martha Stewart a new one. The old one was torn to shreds in prison.
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