While You Were Thinking About Life’s Important Questions



  • Did KFed actually hit on Jessica Simpson?  Has his marriage to Britney Spears completely destroyed his sense of "his league"?
  • Also, is KFed cheating on Britney with some French chick?  Also, HOW THE F@!K IS KFED GETTING SO MANY WOMEN!?!?
  • Does Mischa Barton have the hots for Jake Gyllenhaal?  Does she mind that he’s gay?
  • Is Will Smith thinking of moving on to Bollywood?  Should we expect him to begin unexpectedly breaking into song and wearing bright colored clothing?
  • Is Steven Spielberg making another Jurassic Park movie?  Why?  (Dinosaurs are scary – we get it already!)
  • Are J. Lo and Marc Anthony going to adopt a child?  Should the world allow children to be treated that way?
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