IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater



Did anyone catch True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater last night? The documentary followed three players on the circuit: a novice from Kentucky, a stock trader by day with and a nationally ranked eater by afternoon, and the worlds greatest eater ever. The show served as a cursory introduction to the sport but it only grazed the surface.

Want to know more about a game you can truly excel at? Check out our collection of baseball competitive eating cards and get to know the major players in the league.

IFOCE: The International Federation Of Competitive eating was founded by two brothers in 1997 and serves as the overseer of all accredited eating events throughout the country. You may only be familiar with the Coney Island hot dog eating contest, but the federation hosts cheese fries, baked beans,  deep fried asparagus, birthday cake, butter eating contests and more vomit-inducing events throughout the country. You can register for a contests in your hometown here. But note: this game ain’t about the money, the biggest prizes usually cap off at about $5000-$10,000, a fraction of what you’ll pay your gastro-enterologist after you’ve won.

Takharu_2 Takeru Kobyashi Age:27, Weight: 32 Rank: 1 eater in the world. World record in hot dogs, rice balls, hamburgers and cow brains. He’s the only pro-eater that can actually make a living from sport. The most famous competitive eater, in fact the only famous competitive eater, Kobyashi is cut like marky mark (the early years) and spends most of his time weight lifting, carriying a white umbrella and gorging on noodles in his native Japan.

Blackwidow_1 Sonya Thomas Age: 37 Weight:105 Rank: 2 World record in lobster, meatballs, oysters, turducken, buffalo wings, sausage and more. Know as the Black Widow, this freak of nature can out-eat any guy at the table (except Takeru) and possibly that dude that’s always at Sizzler.

CarleneRichard_1 Carlene(rank: 9) and Richard LeFevre(rank: 6): Shes a substitute teacher, he’s learned competitive eating on the streets. They’ve jointly won Pizza, Chili, Posole, smoked pork eating contests and more. Don’t f**k with competitive eating’s power couple.

Badland Eric Booker: Age: 46 Weight: 420 Rank: 5 World record in burritos, candy bars, donuts and pumpkin pies: aka- the good stuff. Eric is a New York City Subway conductor who also released two rap albums about  eating ("Hungry & Focused" and "Ingestion Engine"). Seriously.

EaterxTim Janus aka Eater X: Age:27  Weight:180 Rank:7 World record in tiramisu and shoo-fly pie. Tim confided to True Life that his stock trading buddies don’t know what he does. Um, they probably do now.  Tim’s the rock star of competitive eating. With his Kiss makeup,  his flowing tresses and the fact that he’s not super fat, women fawn all over him. But based on True Life, which filmed him eating 4 pounds of salad alone at home, Janus has yet to find that lucky lady.

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