Skating with the Federlines



Remember back in the day , when Britney and Kevin’s relationship was just starting to blossom and suddenly his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson let the press know she was 6 months pregnant with his kid? Remember how you thought: what a great celebrity scandal, but I’d love to see ice skating involved. You wish has been granted…

Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler of Skating with Celebrities, are Britney and Kevin on Ice. Anyone who’s followed the show can plainly see that the 80’s movie vixen and the Olympic athlete have turnedtheir skating partnership into a romantic partnership.The only problem is his wife is pregnant. Just like K-fed, Eisler is claiming he had already left his pregnant wife when he and Swanson began taking off each other’s matching crushed velvet skating suits. Now Swanson’s pulling a Britney and acting like everything is perfect depite the elephant babymama in the room. She claims "things are great and we’re really happy." Stay tuned to see how this amazing IceCapade of passion and betrayal plays out. Hopefully cornrows and a baby are in their future.

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