“Grey’s Anatomy”: The Karma Episode


Grays_anatomy_3 First off, Meredith is just such a bad person sometimes, but if Dr. Shepherd corners her in an elevator one more time, she should punch him. Of course, if she buys that “let’s be friends” business, she deserves whatever she gets. Second, what does it say about Addison that it took poison oak in the vajajay for me to finally like her? And what does it say about me? I wonder if George is going to really hook up with Dr. Torres. In my opinion, she’s too much woman for him, but I’d like for him to have someone who respects him for a change. But I have to say, George, that if you’re in bed with a woman and she cries, getting mad is not the appropriate response. Finally, I can’t believe that woman would leave Milos to die! Now if anyone deserves a little poison oak in the vajayay it’s her. Can’t wait till next week!

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