• MADE-UP NAME THAT’S NOT FOOLING ANYBODY: Jane, instead of Jennifer (Aniston). (New York Daily News
  • AVOIDANCE OF THE WORD NERDY "Unconventional." As in, "Comic-Con draws on the unconventional." (USA Today
  • IRONY: Brokeback parodies. So there are 800,000,000 out there, all of them make straight characters look gay. But what’s ironic is that the original trailer for Brokeback Mountain made the gay characters look straight.  (Yahoo!)
  • CONTRADICTION: We said we wouldn’t do it, but here’s another Brokeback parody: Brokejack Palance. It’s just that good.
  • MOST BELIEVABLE HEADLINE: "Clooney Denies Barr’s Genital Claims" (Contact Music)   
  • GEORGE WHO ACTUALLY TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS MISTAKES: George Michael, who said of his arrest that it was "my own stupid fault, as usual." (People
  • MOE SZYSLAK MOMENT: Moe takes a lie detector test. (Gorillamask)
  • CHRISTIAN WEIRD-HOBBY HALL OF FAME: Christianitytoday.com‘s, starring Duct Tape Artist Melody Williams, Skunk Enthusiast Brittany Miller, and plastic-spoon collector Betsy Coblentz.
  • BAD LYRIC: "I understand you been running from a man/Who goes by the name of the Sandman." America, "Sandman." (Granneman.com)
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