Oscar Week: The Nominees Before They Were the Nominees


702_george_clooney_5Since it’s Oscar week, I thought you might like to learn a few things about the nominees for each category that they might not be so proud of. Today the category is Best Supporting Actor:

George Clooney

Matt Dillon

  • Turned down the role of Richard in The Blue Lagoon.
  • Failed to catch or even see a tarpon when he went tarpon fishing in Costa Rica.
  • Patrick Swayze was unimpressed with him while they filmed The Outsiders.


Paul Giamatti

Jake Gyllenhaal

William Hurt

  • Was sued for palimony and child custody.
  • Developed over the years a reputation for "temperament both on and off the set."
  • Was a "little punk" (his words) as a kid.

So if your life isn’t going as you planned, cheer up! One day you might be nominated for an Oscar.

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