Statistics on the Trailer For “Take the Lead”


Takethelead3 Antonio Banderas has a new move coming out called Take the Lead. Based on the trailer, Banderas takes a challenging job as a dance teacher at a tough ‘urban’ school. While Banderas tries to keep the kids off the street with ballroom dancing lessons, it just doesn’t fly for these hiphop-loving kids. But I have a hunch he’ll get through to them, and he may even learn a thing or two about hip hop in the process. But that description barely scrapes the surface of this movie. So we had out statisticians breakdown of the elements in the trailer, to provide us with a better sense of what it’s really about. (watch trailer here)

Statistics on the Trailer for Take The Lead:

  • Teens holding basketballs/footballs: 2 
  • Students referring to Banderas as Mr. (first initial): 1
  • Teens using colloquial language that real kids don’t use (ex: "getting your flirt on"): 3

  • Antonio’s sexy female dance partners : 1
  • Probability that she’s also a teacher at the school who likes to ‘kick it’ in the evening: 90%
  • Probability that she’s also a single parent: 50%
  • Shots of Antonio with a backwards baseball cap just like the kids: 1
  • Tough streetwise kids dressed entirely by American Eagle Outiftters: 30
  • Fights Antonio must break up : 1
  • Probability that his hair will fall in his eyes smolderingly as a result: 96%
  • Shots of drug-dealing, guns or vandalism: 3
  • Probability that one kid dies or is injured before the big dance: 80%
  • Overweight kids paired as dance partners with skinny kids : 2
  • Challenge by principal who can’t handle Antonio’s unconventional method of teaching: 1
  • Scenes shot in graffiti-covered basement : 4
  • Scenes shot in fancy ballroom: 3
  • Scenes shot in packed nightclub: 2
  • Probability that all three are the same place: 73% 
  • Inspired by a true story: 100%
  • Based on a true story: 0%
  • Probability that the website is way more entertaining than the movie(check out the music mashup) : 100%
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