Introducing The Chicksdigger…


Sarah_jessica_parke_199185m Matthew McConaughay thinks Sarah Jessica Parker is "peculiar." The duo are currently starring in the comantic romedy Failure to Launch. According to MSNBC’s The Scoop, "Matthew gets along with pretty much everyone but he basically couldn’t bear Sarah."

While we think her love of designer clothes is adorable, her yelps are a riot and her hair is lustrous–it appears that she’s a Chicksdigger. A Chicksdigger is a woman who girls and guys just can’t agree on. Women think she’s gorgeous men think she’s gratingly annoying. Chicksdiggers usually have squeaky voices, fabulous clothes, a rotating array of hairstyles and a knack for over-enthusiasm. Found in film, TV and music, these unconventional women seem like the perfect companion for shopping, breaking up with a boyfriend, sharing clothing or enjoying a fruity cocktail. But when it comes to men they signal lots of talking through panic-attacks and waiting outside of dressing rooms. Other possible Chicksdigger candidiates after the jump…


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