Is Robocop Having The The Best Week Ever?


For four and a half seasons now, Jack Bauer has outsmarted every single one of his enemies on the hit show 24. Habib Marwan? Dead. Nina Myers? Also dead. Dennis Hopper? He died too… why do you think you haven’t seen him since? The point is, no matter who Jack Bauer has gone up against, he’s always ended up on top. Until this week.

Last night, Jack came face to face with perhaps the greatest force he’s ever had to deal with:  Robocop. Okay, actually it was the guy who played Robocop, Peter Weller. But that’s close enough.

Does Jack have what it takes to bring Robocop down? You remember the opening scene of the movie-- Weller gets absolutely destroyed but he manages to live through it. Do you think Jack Bauer is capable of delivering a greater beating than that? The answer:

Well, yes. He can. And in all likelihood he probably will. So that’s why I think Robocop’s having the Best Week Ever. He’s back in the public eye, he’s getting the upper hand on Jack, and chances are he doesn’t have too many weeks left to live. That has "Best Week Ever" written all over it.

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