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  • PARENTAL CHALLENGE: Brad Pitt’s issued to his mom. He is reportedly demanding that she choose him and Angelina Jolie or ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.
  • FORMER SQUEALER LIKE A PIG: Ned Beatty. He has won the Master Of Cinema Award at the upcoming RiverRun International Film Festival in North Carolina.
  • GENDER-BENDING TEACHER: Lily McBeth, 71. Ms. McBeth used to be Mr. McBeth at Eagleswood Elementary in New Jersey.
  • QUESTION THAT TAKES A WHOLE BOOK TO ANSWER: Why is Michael Jackson weird? Answered by Margo Jefferson, author of On Michael Jackson.
  • PICTURE PERFECT VACATION: TomKat in Tahiti. They sure look happy!
  • SECRETARY OF STATE WORKOUT TIPS: Condoleeza Rice‘s. She will be sharing her fitness regimen on the Today show.
  • FORMER HOOTERS WAITRESS: Oscar nominee Amy Adams
  • THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A FLY HEADLINE: "Bird Flu Is Found in Cat in Europe, a First"
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