SIZZLER: Countdown to Katie’s Incarceration



That lovable ladies man and perpetual bachelor Tom Cruise has finally set a date to marry his one true love, Katie Holmes. While most celebrities would try to hide their wedding date from the press, we’re sure Tom wants the world to know his wedding is set for July 4th 2006. In fact, he’d like to extend the ‘save the date’ cards to the paparazzi so they can be sure to make the event . More details about the wedding after the jump…

The date is one day after Tom’s 44th birthday and three months after Katie delivers their beautiful love-child. Sources say the wedding will be a four day event patterned after Cruise’s almost-Oscar worthy film Born on the Fourth of July. While the day will be a jubilant event filled with kissing, hand-grabbing and proclamations of unadulterated joy, it’s important to remember Tom’s nuanced portrayal of a wheelchair bound Viet Nam Vet. No plans yet as to where the couple will be spending their honeymoon, but we look forward to the press release. 

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