While You Were Picking Up the Pieces of Your Alarm Clock


  • Rolling_stones The Rolling Stones are planning their first ever concert in China.  The tour will be called Crouching Richards, Hidden Jagger. 
  • Well, it’s Tuesday, so you know what that means – shambled baby Pete Doherty has been arrested again, this time adding car theft to his long rap sheet of drug charges.  This rocker is set to self-destruct in 10…9…8…
  • Reese Witherspoon will be paid $29 million for her next movie, becoming the highest paid actress of all time.  Not to be outdone, Julia Roberts reportedly paid herself $30 million for a home movie she shot with cameraman husband Danny Moder
  • Athletic actress Hillary Swank is the inspiration for a new perfume fragrance.  It’s called Stank.
  • Is Lindsay Lohan now having make-up sex with ex-boyfriend and unlikely ladies man That Guy From That 70’s Show?  Is there anyone this girl ISN’T boning?  Could any of you get me in touch?
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