Google Search: Amazing Race’s Tyler MacNiven



If you watched last night’s premiere of the Amazing Race 9, you’re probably wondering what those two wild n’ crazy guys are doing in the game. "Best Friends" BJ Averell and Tyler MacNiven love the irony of Hawaiian shirts and over-sized Elvis glasses. But it turns out there’s a serious side to MacNiven, the blond half of the dynamic duo that just might win the pair the million dollar prize.

A Google search shows that Macniven actually walked across Japan-about 2000 miles-just to impress a girl, oh and to make a documentary about his journey and put it up on Google video. If you couldn’t get enough of his wacky in your face antics last night and have an hour and half to spare , you can watch it here. With that kind of dedication he might just win the million dollar prize. Find out why he might not win after the jump…

While the film proves that he’s a physically agile and savvy traveler, a little more Google searching proved that he doesn’t always have the best ideas. Apparently, in 1998, as a high school senior, he launched a campaign to get into Stanford staging a parade for himself on the campus green. Needless to say, he was rejected.

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