“Grey’s Anatomy” and Icky Sex



Still disturbed by watching George and Meredith having sex? A Grey’s Anatomy writer explains why it had to happen at the show’s blog (using lots of CAPS and exclamation marks!!!):

sex HAD to happen. It was always going to happen. Hello. Shonda set this moment
up in the PILOT. George remembered the kind of strappy sandals Meredith was
wearing at the pre-internship mixer!!!  Did you really really think this
moment – this FREAKY GEORGE AND MEREDITH SEX – was never gonna happen???

    Of course it was.  Really, it’s just been a question of when. Which, as it turns out, was – now. In this episode. It’s happened. It happened. IT HAPPENS, y’all. People have sex with inappropriate people. People hurt their friends. People make decisions they regret the morning after. People do terrible things. Because in the end, we’re all just people. Flawed, confused, irrational, hopeful, looking-for-happiness-and-hoping-we’ll-find-it people trying to figure out our lives one day at a time.  As characters, Meredith and George are no different.

Still doesn’t make it right or un-icky.


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