In Case You Missed Him: The Real World: Key West’s Johnny Bananas



In the past few seasons of the Real World, I’ve noticed an increase in frat guy meat-heads per capita on the show. Where as there used to be one token frat guy, in the past few seasons there have 2 per house ( Philly’s MJ & Landon, Austin’s Danny & Wes). But in last night’s premiere of the new Real World in Key West, the producers have distilled the power of 10 frat guys into one protein-shaking, beer-funneling, Adidas flip-flopping, bro-calling super-duper frat guy: Johnny Bananas.

Born John Devenanzio, the Penn State Graduate, was coined Johnny Bananas by his ‘brothers’ because he’s so crazy in a very normal, Caucasian, athletic, heterosexual way. Here’s how bananas he got last night:

  • He fearlessly and proudly introduced the world to his blow-up doll girlfriend.
  • He jumped into the pool backwards wearing aviator sunglasses –spring break style
  • He withstood an excessive amount of whip cream jello shots for the sake of the proverbial party
  • He even managed to insult the body of a fragile anorexic girl…twice. 

If that weren’t enough, Bananas has big plans for the rest of the season. He plans to call every girl in the house a slut in new creative ways and according to an article in his Alma Mater’s newsletter, he vows to wear Penn State shirts and hats throughout the show. We know meat-heads across the country will use Bananas to further empower their solid movement.

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