Oscar Week: Get to Know Your Best-Actor Nominees



Here’s one interesting fact about each Best Actor nominees that you probably don’t know:

  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Capote)
    Was a "celebrated athlete," playing baseball and football and wrestling until he had to quit because of a neck injury that forced him to quit. But as you know, he still keeps in shape.
  • Terrence Howard
    (Hustle & Flow) Has a degree in Chemical Engineering. If he’s so smart, then why was he in Glitter?
  • Heath Ledger
    (Brokeback Mountain) Taught himself to dance, and choreographed a "60-strong Guildford team to the first all-boy victory at the Rock Eisteddfod, a national competition." I know what you’re thinking, but we don’t do jokes like that anymore.
  • David Strathairn
    (Good Night, and Good Luck) Went to Ringling Brothers Clown College and worked as a clown for six months in a traveling circus. I wondered why his Edward R. Murrow did so much juggling.
  • Joaquin Phoenix
    (Walk the Line) Is the brother of the late River Phoenix. That’s a BWE Blog exclusive!
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