While You Were Working Out with Nick Lachey



  • TMZ uncovers footage of boy band 98 degrees that’s been buried for years. Well by buried they mean taped over.
  • What’s big and orange and has no front teeth? The new James Bond.
  • Lindsay Lohan walks the runway for Oscar fashion week protected by a red bracelet. Homeless man walks city streets protected by a blue thermos.
  • George Clooney hearts Terri Hatcher. Terri Hatcher hearts botox.
  • Patrick Dempsey reveals troubled past as a dyslexic on tonight’s Barbara Walters special. Also Matthew McConaughy reveals little league heartbreak.
  • Olympic star Athletes Sascha Cohen and Shaun White finally meet. Unfortunately people stopped caring about them on Tuesday.
  • Nick Lachey wants to spot you.
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