Is Stacy Keibler Having The Best Week Ever?


On Sunday, things weren’t going too well for the gorgeous Stacy Keibler. She was the first celebrity elimanted from the Dancing With The Stars finale, and by all accounts her recent run at fame seemed to be over. But then something incredible happened. At almost the exact same time, everybody in the country realized how unbelievably good looking she is. And since we all came to that realization, Stacy has been all over the web.

You really can’t avoid Stacy this week. The photographs taken of Stacy at Wednesday’s GM fashion show were the best pictures taken this side of Lindsay’s nipple. Disgrunteled fans are calling for a dance-off against Jerry Rice. And gossip blogs like The Bastardly are just looking for excuses to post pictures of her… in a good way! She’s the anti-Fergie!

And the best part about Stacy possibly having the best week ever? It gives me an excuse to google image search for her hours to try to decide which picture to use for this post. Thank you Stacy. Thank you.

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