• POET: Jessica Simpson. She has been writing poetry since her breakup with Nick Lachey and plans to publish her work. (Contact Music)
  • THE OTHER SHOE FALLING: Producers of Crash. Now that the movie is being recognized by the Academy, everyone’s fighting for the credit and money. (New York Times)
  • MOVIE MADE IN TWO HOURS AND FOURTEEN MINUTES: Atbhutam. An Indian film maker finished the 74-minute feature, loosely based on Terri Schiavo’s right-to-die battle, in 2:14. (Reuters)
  • PEZ DISPENSER: Brokeback Mountain. (Ebay via D Listed)
  • THURSDAY PIE BLOGGING FROM AN OBSOLETE STILL THRIVING BLOG: Greenwood’s Holy Sh*t Chocolate by Gawd Cream Pie (Blog d’Elisson)
  • IRONIC HEIMLICH: John Giannetti. The state senator saved the life of a choking man who turned out to be his political rival, Jim Rosapepe. (CNN)
  • K-FED HEAD SHAKER: "My wife is fat" edition. Britney was out the other night and this is reportedly what a waiter said:  "I’m sorry, Ms. Spears, but your husband called here a few minutes ago and told us you weren’t allowed to have dessert. In fact, we’ve been told that no one at the table can have dessert–because you’ll eat it." This can’t be true. Please tell me this can’t be true. (I Don’t Like You That Way)
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