Princess Leia Hearts James Blunt


FisherMost guys who grew up in the early 80’s have two fantasies: 1) to be a rock star 2) to bone Princess Leia. Lucky for James Blunt, the British balladeer, he may have checked both off his list. According to an article in the Independent, the "Beautiful" singer, lived with Fisher for five months and even recorded his album in her bathroom.  Find out more about the ‘roomies’ after the jump….

Here are some highlights from the article:

"Three years ago Fisher gave him a home, fed him soup and acted as his therapist. Since then, she has spread the word about his songs to anyone who would listen."

His five-month stay at Fisher’s vast home, which once belonged to Bette Davis, included a spell of recording in her bathroom where she keeps a piano. It earned her a credit in the album sleeve notes.

Says Fischer "I played his music to all my friends that came over, whatever celebrity crowd I could muster at my bungalow. I thought he was very good. I actually helped name his album. He didn’t know what Bedlam was before I told him."

Fischer even wrote his bizarre and cryptic website bio. So what’s the deal with the couple? According to Fischer they’re "very, very good friends." 2 Verys = 1 very satisfied Star Wars fan.

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