While You Were Quietly Judging


  • Sienna4
    Sienna Miller
    wants to eat brains has attacked ANOTHER paparazzi photographer.  And somewhere, Sean Penn has fallen in love.
  • Dave Chappelle says he may never return to his show if Comedy Central goes ahead with plans to air unfinished footage from season 3.  Dave feels that the content, in its current state, simply doesn’t have enough catchphrases for white frat kids to quote incessantly for the next 3 years.
  • Pearl Jam have announced the release of their 8th studio album on May 2nd.  The album will be called Ten…years later, and we’re still here.  Sort of.
  • ESPN2 will air a new reality show following Barry Bonds on his pursuit of Hank Aaron’s record for career home runs.  The show will be called, Pumping Up With Bonds & Franz.
  • Angelina Jolie reportedly became upset when she was unpacking boxes and found one of Brad Pitt’s "little black books" of bimbo numbers.  Really, Brad Pitt’s black book is "little"?
  • Nick Lachey has been seen out with Alyssa Milano a number of times.  He reportedly kept muttering, "Who’s the Boss now, Jessica?"
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