Is Kid Rock Having The Best Week Ever?


When you’ve put out #1 records, dated Pamela Anderson and Jaime Pressly, and spent the best years of your life boozing with an awesomely cool little person, odds are you’ve had some pretty incredible weeks. I’m assuming. Sadly, I can’t tell you from first hand experience.

Well, despite having a ton of good weeks, I think that THIS was Kid Rock’s best week ever. Why? Well, for one, he just started dating porn star Briana Banks, and everybody knows the most exciting time in a relationship is the beginning– even with porn stars! Actually, especially with porn stars! Again, I’m not talking from first hand experience. *Sigh*

So that’s a good start to having a best week ever. But it’s not enough– especially for Kid Rock. What put Kid over the top this week was the fact that he had the opportunity to do what everybody else in the world wants to do (besides ‘a porn star’): He got to call Scott Stapp an idiot. And everybody listened. And everybody published it. That’s gotta feel good.

Well, do you want to know who’s having the best week ever? Is it Kid Rock? Stacy Keibler? Dumb Kids? Robocop? Somebody different entirely? Tune in to VH1 tonight at 11 and all weekend long to find out.

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