While You Were Sleepwalking Through Another Friday


  • Playboy
    American Idol’s
    final 12 contestants are getting their very own MySpace profiles. The contestants who were kicked off? Dismissed to Friendster.
  • Jessica Alba will not let this whole Playboy thing go. Now she’s demanding they pull the magazine. Unfortunately it’s too late, as thousands of teenage boys have already pulled themselves.
  • Bon Jovi is accusing Franz Ferdinand of ripping off his style. I don’t know about you, but I always get the two confused. Now I know why.
  • 58-year-old James Woods is dating his buddy’s 19-year-old daughter. The friend is said to be okay with it, except when they rent American Beauty and say, "Oh my god, that is SO us!"
  • Madonna is looking to buy a house in Israel where she can await the Messiah. I guess he owes her money or something.
  • Kid Rock is dating a porn star. Sorry, that was supposed to read: Kid Rock is dating another porn star.
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