Down The Toilet


There’s a lot of toilet-related news to report today. First and foremost:

Did Kate Moss Do Coke in Nelson Mandela’s House? According to a model booker who used to work with Kate, the sniffly model dragged him into a bathroom to do a line before meeting with Mr. Mandela. Allegedly. Geez… that sounds so unlike Kate. I guess this happened back in the days when she didn’t do it right out in front of the papparazzi. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Next up: 35 Cities, 35 Toilet Seats. The Smoking Gun has posted the hotel requirements of demanding diva Mary J. Blige. One of the more… unique… demands: "Must be fully carpeted, clean and have private toilet (with new toilet seat)." No more drama, my ass.

And since all good things come in 3’s, how about we finish up with this story: Australia plans on strengthening their toilet seats because people are getting fatter. I thnk this is great… though I’m a little upset that Australia beat us to it. Come on. We’re supposed to be #1. Not #2.

Okay, that’s it for the potty humor.

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